• Contrast and Cohesion Video Series

    A series of short videos embracing design through architecture, contemporary dance, videography, original score and costume. Presented as a 3 channel installation the videos parallel key projects of the G8A architectural portfolio: Concrete Lace (Hanoi, Vietnam) Punggol Waterway Terraces (Singapore) and The Birds (Geneva, Switzerland).

    Videographer / Director:Vincent Baumont (Almaz Media)
    Dancers:Nick Coutsier, Seow Yi Qing, Victor Dumont
    Original Music score:Rodolphe Coster

  • Hanoia Concept

    Since 2015 a continued collaboration exists between G8A and the Vietnamese luxury brand Hanoia. With completed projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the central design proposition pays witness to G8A’s keen and longstanding interest in Vietnamese cultural and urban typology.

    Each project has been integrated into zones of historical importance, or specific typological interest developing on the concept of the “architectural promenade”. That is, the experience of space and movement directed by a series of sequences with constructed views, vistas and understandings.

  • Contrast and Cohesion Exhibition

    The Contrast and Cohesion exhibition presents G8A’s designs through video installation, photography & visual documentation. The project highlights the agency’s international scope & focus on interdisciplinary practice, and is put forward to celebrate the release of the “Contrast and Cohesion” publication dedicated to G8A’s work.

    Co-curated with WY-TO, the exhibition will last the length of the Singapore Design Festival 2019.

  • Contrast and Cohesion

    The first book to document G8A’s achievements to date, Contrast and Cohesion reflects the Swiss firm’s work in these starkly contrasting parts of the world; Singapore the “Tropical Switzerland” and Hanoi the “Anti-Geneva”. Featuring twenty-seven projects through drawings, photographs, plans, and descriptive texts, the book also brings together essays that expand on the different concerns and challenges that accompany the creation of architecture in Central Europe and Southeast Asia.


  • Hanoi Talks 2018

    As a part of G8A’s think tank “8+”, which is dedicated to research and development, the HANOI TALKS series continued to spark interest in 2018 with seven invited speakers plus a special edition of “The Competition” film in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Specialists were given a platform to share and challenge their thematic of choice offering insight on topics that influence or are influenced by the practice of Architecture.

  • Plissee

    A series of sculptural lighting volumes, Plissee is the result of a collaborative research practice that combines the unique technical & theoretical backgrounds of artist Laurent Barnavon & G8A. Producing works that can be placed in the field of architecture, fashion, contemporary art and industrial design, Laurent’s unique ability to perceive all scale as equal allows him to sensitively apply his specialist knowledge to any given material. The series Plissee is a result of design development in close conversation with G8A.

  • Concrete Paper

    The Concrete Paper installation designed by Laurent Barnavon & curated by G8A, was presented in the context of a building project under construction. G8A acts as host to the French artist Laurent Barnavon as he explores the paradox of solid paper architecture. Within the context of the architectural concrete shell, we redefine the paradigm of typology, inspiring an intimate relationship with this new scale of architecture.

  • Reflection

    In a dual process of research and development French artist Laurent Barnavon produced “Reflection” an installation combining techniques of origami and kirigami.

    Beginning and completing the perspective with these feature walls both opens and concludes this architectural dialogue. Here an interesting discussion is offered between G8A’s architectural design “Jungle Station” and Barnavon’s “Reflection”.

  • Hanoi Talks 2017

    2017 saw the debut of the presentation series HANOI TALKS where specialists offer insight on topics that influence or are influenced by the practice of Architecture.The 10 invited speakers of 2017 were selected due to their detailed knowledge in their chosen field of practice. From designers to anthropologists, artists and researchers, presenters were given a platform to share and challenge their topics of choice.

  • Hanoi Talks

    HANOI TALKS are monthly presentations organised by G8A where invited specialists offer their insights on topics that influence or are influenced by the practice of Architecture. As a part of G8A’s think tank “8+”, which is dedicated to research and development, these conversation-based interactions are a branch of investigation; a place to share the ideas of tomorrow.

  • High Density Seafront Housing

    As cities around the world struggle with housing shortages, Singapore has invested in creative developments and building on this momentum the studio has explored challenges and opportunities that arise between high density seafront housing and the urban fabric. This  catalogue is a condensed view of the work produced by term 7 and 9 students who participated in the Sustainable Design Studio led by G8A Partner Manuel Der Hagopian and hosted by SUTD.

  • Architecture as a Theatre

    Today the need for visual documentation is stronger than ever, photographing “the process” has overtaken traditional methods. Régis Golay, a Swiss photographer and Art Director of Federal Studio, was given carte blanche to capture the construction site of Punggol Waterway Terraces in Singapore.

  • New Sustainable Housing Mass

    This study is a condensed view of the work produced by the 4th year students who participated to the 13 weeks Sustainable Design Studios hosted by SUTD University. The studio “New Sustainable Housing Mass” proposes to explore and experiment, in a complete design project, new typologies and structures dedicated to a life in dense tropical conditions, observation and modelling being the key words structuring the different stages of this studio.

  • Typical Block Plan

    Typical Block Plan (TBP) as a matrix of high rise housing in South-East Asia and through this study we document objective views on the evolution in public and private sectors. From the second half of the twentieth century two major cities that developed extreme housing conditions due to their confinement, Hong Kong and Singapore, are studied from different decades, leading to a comparative study.

  • Future Ruin

    Sustainable design is ubiquitous; through maximising natural light, natural ventilation, gardens inside offices, sky gardens, rain water recycling, local eco-friendly materials, facade orientation and exposure. They all combine to create a dynamic green building that is integrated in nature and connected with its environment. Consequently, this “future ruin” looks beyond aesthetics and dives into a holistic approach, becoming inherent in the lifespan of a building that can have many adaptable future uses.

  • Industrial Shelter

    Industrial Shelter is the work produced by 4th year students at SUTD’s Sustainable Design Studio. The project, set in the former industrial area in Oerlikon-Zurich Switzerland, is on a new development where there will be a prominent public square. Proposed interventions aimed to transform this central square into a unique social incubator; juxtaposing users through spatial, programmatic and material considerations using concepts dear to Swiss design.

  • Skyline

    Following the architectural tradition for skylines in Singapore (Golden Miles 1967 / Marina Square 1987…), group8asia revives the public housing estate in Singapore proposing a terraced massing breaking with the regulated and monotonous heights environment. “Punggol Waterway Terraces” is the awarded project of the second international competition for public housing in the history of Singapore.